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The Sean Jackson Show Podcast is a weekly family Urban Contemporary music and talk show podcast. Your hosts Sean, Glenn, Laurie and Brandon talk about current events, news and other things every week. Interviews weekly and a line of guests waiting to join us in the studio. We have rotating entertaining segments such as: Karaoke & Church Announcements as well as some standard segments: Inspirational Song of the Week, Mini Mix , Ask Laurie, Celebrity Birthday and more. News, Comedy, Music, and Conversation. The show is typically a three-hour show, but that could be longer or shorter depending on what the gang is talking about. It's the Sean Jackson Show. 


Sean Paul Jackson - Host/Producer


Sean's passion for radio goes back to his earlier days playing with his dad's stacked stereo system with a dual tape deck. He would record music from the radio and with a microphone or the built-in microphone on the stereo he would announce the name of the song that played and other things. He had the opportunity to take this love for radio up from recording music on a tape deck to actually being on the radio in college. He worked several time slots over 3 years while attending college on WSNC 90.5 a college radio station at Winston-Salem State University in North Carolina. During that same time, internet radio was starting and after college he took his love for radio and music to the internet by operating and managing 3 online-only radio stations. WBGS-The Black Gospel Station (still in operation), Smooth Jazz PJP (defunct) and 'R House Radio (defunct). Listening to The Steve Harvey and Tom Joyner Morning Shows, Sean's dream for being back on the radio resurfaced. Enter The Sean Jackson Show. The show started as a just something to do with he and his cousins Laurie and Shalon. It is his hope that someday a radio executive will hear the show and appreciate the quality of his bedroom studio podcast and possibly get a radio slot somewhere. 


Laurie Clemons - Host


Laurie is one of the original hosts on the Sean Jackson show. She and Sean are cousins and have spent most of their lives hanging with each other. The show actually got started from one of those "hanging out" nights. Laurie chimes in on everything that's being discussed, but more passionately on issues in the media involving injustice. She's the jokester of the group (and currently the only woman). Usually, when everyone breaks out in laughter during the taping she's said something. Laurie has a background also in radio and tv production from her undergrad years at Chicago State University. She's a mom of Justin and Jazmin (who has made appearances since the original shows). Laurie enjoys being able to "pop the trunk" as well as the opportnities to chat with the guests on the show.


Brandon Wright - Host

Brandon loves a good gossip, good music, a good drink, and a good party. All of these things make him a perfect fit for the Sean Jackson Show! Brandon brings us insight on what's happening with some of our favorite celebrities as well as some of the latest scandals. He keeps us current on the popular television shows as well as lets us know about some of the not so popular ones. Brandon tries to act shy on the mic and usually talks in a whisper, but once we "pop the trunk" he can usually be heard.


Glenn Hagler - Host


Glenn is talented, gifted and hilarious. He is the originator of the whole "pop the trunk" movement that we here at the Sean Jackson Show enjoy so much. He keeps us on our toes when it comes to handling the business of networking and booking our guests. Glenn is the most traveled of the group and also our resident "foodie". He also keeps us up to date on some of the current news and happenings in entertainment.