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2 NYPD Officers were caught having oral sex on body cam

A body cam captured audio of a female New York Police Department officer performing oral sex on her boss, a male sergeant, the New York Post and New York Daily News report.

The rendevous occurred around midnight in a police car in the 75th Precinct, which covers the eastern most portion of Brooklyn. The two officers were on the clock.

The officer and the sergeant were getting hot and heavy in their patrol car when the sergeant allegedly removed the officer’s body camera from her shirt," the New York Daily News reports. "He put the camera in her vest but accidentally switched it on. While the camera lens was obscured by the vest, the audio of the sex act was recorded.

The New York Post describes the incident a bit differently, reporting that the woman tucked the body cam in her vest.

The recording was reportedly uncovered during a routine review of body camera footage. An NYPD spokesperson told the Post that the alleged incident was under internal review.

Well I guess that means crime is down in eastern Brooklyn?

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