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Can you identify anything in this photo? No one else can and its driving the internet crazy

Original Source: iheart.com

"Name one thing in this photo." That's the caption on a recent tweet that is driving the internet crazy.

It's such an easy thing to do - we've all been alive for many years and have seen many things, so sure, we should have no trouble naming a couple seemingly everyday objects. Yet even though the picture looks to be filled with some household items, no one is able to identify any of them. In fact, the longer the length of time spent looking at the pic, the more crazy people become. Check out the tweet that caused so many people to lose their minds:

If you, like the rest of the world cannot name one thing in this photo.. you'll feel right at home when reading the comments on this twitter post (click the post to read the comments).

And if by chance you can, PLEASE share what you see, in the comments below.

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