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Like posting GIFs? A Black Woman Developed the Animation to Produce GIF Images

If you ever expressed a thought through a video image, or streamed video online through HULU and Shockwave, well, we have to credit African-American inventor Lisa Gelobter the genius in online animation.

Lisa Gelobter is a computer science guru. As the founder and CEO of tEQuitable, “a 3rd-party, tech-enabled Ombuds platform; a confidential sounding board for employees to address issues of bias, discrimination and harassment, and for companies to make workplaces more inclusive.”

Gelobter was hands-on, adamantly involved with the advent of Shockwave, a technology that formed the beginning of web animation. She also played a significant role in the emergence of online video, later serving on the senior management team at Hulu.

Although a science team at CompuServe led by Steve Wilhite was credited, Gelobter laid the early groundwork for the program by developing the animation used to produce ‘JIF’/’GIF’.

Previously, Lisa was the Interim Head of Digital for BET Networks and ran Technology, Product, and Business Operations. Today, you can catch Lisa at the White House in the United States Digital Service. She is currently serving as the Chief Digital Service Officer with the US Department of Education, thinkgrowth.org reported.

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