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Oprah Winfrey and 60 Minutes Cut Ties

Oprah Winfrey said she is no longer working as a contributor to “60 Minutes,” saying the legendary news magazine wasn’t a good fit for her.

“It was not the best format for me,” Winfrey told The Hollywood Reporter in a profile for the latest issue of their magazine.

“How should I say this? Never a good thing when I have to practice saying my name and have to be told that I have too much emotion in my name,” she continued. “I think I did seven takes on just my name because it was ‘too emotional.’ I go, ‘Is there too much emotion in the Oprah part or the Winfrey part?’ I was working on pulling myself down and flattening out my personality, which, for me, is actually not such a good thing.”

Oprah Winfrey made her debut on 60 Minutes in September when the broadcast aired this roundtable discussion with a diverse group of Americans. Winfrey traveled to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the story, asking people from both sides of the political divide to lay it all on the table.

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